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Male Nude Photography- The Naked Artists (7x10)

Starring - Dutch, Gavin Elias, GothJason, Rock Hardson, Paul Whiting, TZ.
What is more fun than watching paint dry? How about watching awesome artists painting in the nude! We watch Gavin paint two Firebirds in flight, and then Dutch painting a pastoral watercolor. Two sketch artists draw their artwork while naked. TZ draws people in cooperative conflict. Goth Artist idolizes revolutionary figures from history! We watch their creations come to life, while drawing naked. Artist Paul Whiting paints an ink and acrylic portrait of a super hero in flight, who turns out to be BFF Rock Hardson!

Digital still images from the DVDs Primal Man Artist In Motion - Paul Whiting Super Hero, Primal Man Artist In Motion - Naked Sketch Artists, and Primal Man Artist In Motion - The Firebird And Dutch, as well as photographs from behind the scenes from the filming of the videos.

Meet the Models in Male Nude Photography- The Naked Artists (7x10)



Gavin Elias


Rock Hardson

Paul Whiting


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